Fembots & gynoids

Robot dolls, resembling a human female.

The Z-Onedoll Silicone Robot is a female gynoid (fembot) by Z-Onedoll. This robot doll can talk in "chatting mode" (speech synthesis) and understand (voice recognition), and it can perform certain movements:

  • The doll can blink with the eye lids;
  • the doll can move her eyes;
  • the lips move when talking.

Optionally, the robot doll can be equipped with body heating.

The animatronics are controlled through an Android app.

Many attributes of this body can be individually customized; for example, the skin color, eye color, and the hair color can be configured according to personal preferences.

Z-Onedoll Silicone Robot with Z-Onedoll ZO-A21 head (robot variant)
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