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Are you looking for silicone dolls? You might want to have a look at the manufacturers Doll Affair, Dream Doll Creation (DDC), Doll Sweet (DS Doll), and Z-Onedoll. Interesting miniature silicone dolls are also available from Lovely Doll (AT Doll).

You are looking for affordable TPE dolls? You might find the right doll from Piper Doll, Doll Forever (D4E), Doll House 168 (DH168), Irontech Doll, SM Doll, SY Doll, Oriental Rose (OR Doll), Your Doll (YL Doll), or WM Doll.

Do you prefer a cuddly fabric doll? Maybe you will like our Anime/Manga dolls by Happy Doll, or the realistic Miyu.

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New products

Irontech IT-162/M (male) body style  - TPE
Posted 5 days 30 min ago (46)

The IT-162/M is a life-sized male TPE love doll by Irontech. The body height is about 162 cm, the body weight is ca. 38 kg (mfr. specs). This doll is made of TPE.

Body measurements: 90.5 cm (chest) / 72 cm (waist) / 95 cm (hips) / 43 cm (shoulder width) / 71 cm (arm) / 55 cm (thighline) / 35 cm (calfline) / 25 cm (feet)

Lots of attributes of this love doll may be customized individually; for example, you can select different skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors - just like you are used from other TPE love dolls.

New blog posts

Irontech Doll IT-163/G body style with ›Miki‹ head - TPE
Posted 17 hours 47 min ago (40)

Recently, Irontech released new photos with the IT-163/G body style and ›Miki‹ head.

The IT-163/G is a life-sized TPE love doll with a natural body shape and big breasts.

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